Natural 1st Look

Non Surgical Arm Muscle Toner (Set of 2) - TarlEl’s®

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  • Non-surgical flabby arm toner - TarlEl’s®

Natural 1st Look

Non Surgical Arm Muscle Toner (Set of 2) - TarlEl’s®

40 in stock

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Has lack of physical exercise or weight loss caused the arm muscles to become soft and flabby? If you answered yes, then TarlEl’s®  Arm Lift & Toner System is the solution. The TarlEl’s® exercises and stimulates arm muscles, promoting muscle tone and increasing muscle size while rejuvenating and firming up those upper arms.

Using a low frequency vibration, it comfortably triggers the large muscles at the back of the upper arms, the triceps into action. As a result, the muscles begin to gain a more solid density.

Get this set of two to conveniently use on both arms at the same time. 


  • It can be washed easily in the machine.
  • Use it for 20-40 minutes daily for 90 days. Most people begin to see results within 3 weeks.
  • Choice of color is yours; it is available in (Black, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Turquoise and Pink).
  • It is safe and comfortable to use.
  • It uses vibration (10-50 Hz) for shaping the arms.
  • Fits arm of size 10 - 17.5 inches.
  • It works with 2 AAA batteries that can be used for more than 12 hours once charged. Battery not included.
  • Weight: 3.2 Ounces each
  • Manufactured in USA.

 Now you can shape your arms!

  • Everyone can now have toned muscles.
  • It makes you look younger because it assists in toning the arm muscles.
  • Gives impressive results.

NOTE: The products are the same; only the colors are different.

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