Get Rid of Flabby Arms Immediately With These Exercises

Are you afraid of a goodbye wave because of your arm fat? Do you try to wear long sleeves to hide that fat? You don’t have to worry about it anymore because we have a list of steps you need to follow if you want an immediate reduction in the flabby arms. Before working out, consider the following points:

Clear out your confusions:

One thing you should keep in mind here is that you have to get rid of all the excuses you have in your mind. The point that working out for your arms will build up the muscles is a myth. Most women use it as an excuse to avoid a workout.

Access the current situation:  

After clearing all the confusions in your mind, you have to access your current health situation. For that purpose, you need to indulge yourself in the detailed examination of your body that involves the checking of your body mass index (BMI) and your total body weight. After analyzing these points, you will be able to decide the pattern that you should be following.

Workout equipment:

After focusing on the above points, the next thing you need to consider is deciding the equipment you will be using for your arm’s workout. The most common thing used by a lot of women is hand weights. These weights allow you to create enough forces that are needed to treat the fat of your arms. Apart from that, stability balls are also used for different exercises.

Exercises for immediate arm fat reduction:

Here is a list of exercises you need to do if you want to lose your arm’s fat. Make sure you start working out after a proper warm up session.

  • Dips: One of the best exercises you can do to treat the fat of your arms is dips. Repeat the session for at 15 to 20 times. You can select the number of sets according to your stamina.
  • Shadow boxing: Boxing without gloves and hitting other people is called shadow boxing. It involves the movement of your arms in different ways. You can do it by standing still with wide legs open and punching in the air.
  • Cardio: The best way to reduce fat of any part of the body is to get yourself involved in cardio. You select that cardio workout that will involve the maximum usage of your arms.
  • Triceps kickback: Another best way to get rid of your flabby arms fast. Stand up and hold some weight in your arms. Now bend at a 45 degree angle and bend your elbow as well. While moving your elbow up and down, bend the opposite knee a bit. Repeat it for 15 to 20 times.
  • Push ups: Every workout of your arm will be incomplete without adding push ups in it. You can do them in the form of sets as per your stamina. Do try to include 15 to 20 push ups in one set to get the desired results.



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