Push Ups- Get Rid of Flabby Arms

Want to get rid of flabby arms in less time? The answer to this question is push ups. Fit and toned arms look great in short sleeve shirts and tops. Moreover, they will look good in most of the clothes. If you think you need to get in shape then follow some simple instructions. Although you can find a lot of ways that will help you in reducing the fat stored in your arms, all these ways will take a lot of time. Getting involved in different exercises will be good but there are some exercises that will provide maximum benefit. Push ups are one of them.

Push ups:

Push ups are the resistance based exercises that basically targets your triceps and pectoral muscles. They will also build up your muscle mass. Moreover, it improves exercise and strength training endurance. It is also referred as body weight exercise because no dumbbells and weights are involved in carrying it out.

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Benefits of push ups:

Here are some benefits of push ups.

1. Builds up strength:

Although you are doing it just to target your flabby arms but still push ups can be the best exercise for building up your strength. They are considered as one of the oldest and best technique when it comes to fact reduction process. Due to the involvement of almost all major body muscles, they are recommended by every fitness trainer.

2. An excuse free exercise:

Most people do not get involved in exercising saying that they will get tired or due to the building up of strong muscles. Push ups do not require any expensive equipment and space. You can do them wherever you like and whenever you like. Starting push ups to treat your flabby arms will provide you with enough motivation as you will not be able to use any excuse for not doing it.

3. Boosts up metabolism:

Push ups are one of the best exercises that are carried out to boost up the metabolism system in a person’s body. It helps in better digestion and proper consumption of the food that was consumed. As it involves a lot of exertion that means your body is being pushed into performing tough tasks that will eventually end up breaking the fat storage in your body.

4. Provides an ego boost:

Yes, push ups will boost your ego. Although it may seem surprising but instead of providing physiological benefits, push ups are also best to provide you with the opportunity to boost up your ego. Having a feeling that you can be engaged in the amount of workout same as the people who are spending a lot of time in the gym doing the same thing.


As explained before, push ups is the best exercise you can do to treat the flabby arms. You can pair it up with other exercises too to get the desired results.   







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