Easy Steps to Lose Flabby Arms

Do you like your flabby arms? The answer to this question will be no for every woman out there. No one wants to look over weight. However, arms are considered as one of the focal points of your body. Whenever you wear a dress with half sleeves, the curve of your arms is shown. Some people are quite conscious about the flabbiness of their arms that is why they look for different solutions. So here is the good news for all the people who want to lose the extra fat on their arms. You just have to follow some basic steps to get the required shape:

Step 1: Create a routine:

Goals can be achieved only when you create a specific routine for its achievement. Without a proper routine, you will not be able to perform specific tasks. That is why they first thing you have to do is develop a routine time for the workouts. Do not compromise on the specific time you have set. Choose a different set of exercises so that you can perform your tasks comfortably.

Step 2: Start with push ups:

Push ups provide you with the opportunity to use them in different ways. You can set them as a warm up exercise or you can also get involved in intense push ups to lose the fat in your arms. While doing push ups, most of your whole body weight is on your arms. In addition to arms, push ups will also target your abdominal, lower back and quad muscles.

Exercises for flabby arms

Step 3: Pull ups:

Just like push ups, pulls up is the exercise that can work best for your arms. After you start the workout plan with push ups, you can continue it next by doing pull ups. Although they can be quite challenging sometimes but still if you indulge yourself in pull ups, you will be able to lose more fat in much less time. All you have to do is make up your mind to continue doing this exercise.

Getting rid of flabby arms

Step 4: Bench dips:

Another great exercise to treat your flabby arms is bench dip. It allows you to use every muscle of your arms in every possible way. You need to have a bench or a chair of appropriate height. Just sit on the bench in a straight posture and extend your legs. After that, grip the edge of the chair or bench firmly with your hand and lower your body slowly towards the floor. Push yourself up again and repeat this process.

Lose flabby now

Step 5: Cool down your body:

After every workout, you need to cool down your body by involving in the exercises that involve only the slight movement of your body. For a cool down exercise you can jump for 20-30 time or you can jog for some minutes.


Those are the steps you need to follow if you want to get rid of flabby arms.




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