Easy Exercises to Lose Flabby Arms

Flabby arms. You hate them don’t you? The way they move when your wave good bye and which have made it utterly impossible for you to wear sleeveless shirts or dresses. You always end up covering them with a shrug or sweater? You are not alone. Everyone has to go through this one time or the other and some are naturally (horribly) gifted with these.

Why do we get flabby arms? There are two main causes of having this. One is age and the second is body fat. As we grow old our bodies age as well. Our skin becomes loose and saggy as the body loses its elasticity. Though the skin on entire skin of the body becomes soft it is more prominent in the upper parts of our arms. We cannot do much about age though but the second reason body fat can be controlled and we can reduce our weight so that body fat including arm fat is lost.  

 Try these easy exercises and lose flabby arms:

One Arm Push Up:

For this exercise, as the name suggests, your arms shall be bearing the pressure of your weight. Lie on your left while your knees are bent slightly. Now put your left arm on your right shoulder and press your right palm in the floor until it is pressed straight flat on the surface. Now lift, your upper body. Do 10 repeats and switch sides.

Triceps Kickbacks:

You need to know that you will have to work on the arms a bit therefore get yourself 8-10 lbs weights. So, first hold your weights and get on the floor while your toes and knees touch the floor. Now bend the upper body forward from the hips up bending your elbows at the angle of 90 degrees. Extending both arms backwards, while your palms face each other, feel the tension building in the triceps and return to your starting position. Repeat this 8-10 times and do 3 sets.

Lose flabby arms - Triceps kickback


We all know how to do push ups. But position matters a lot. Therefore this is explained step by step. Get down on the floor with your hands placed under your shoulders and keep your elbows close to your sides. Get up and then lower your body. Then return back to the starting position.

If you have trouble in doing so, change your starting position and bent your knees so that they touch the floor.  Repeat this 10-15 times.

Lose flabby arms - Push ups

Triceps Dips:

This exercise only needs a stable chair. Place your hands about a shoulder-width apart on the chair while your hips face the front of the chair. Your legs should be in bent position around hip-width and back close to chair.  Straighten your arms but keep the elbows bent slightly.  

Slowly bend your elbows and lower body towards the floor till your arms are in a 90 degree position angle. You shall feel the tension and strain on your arms. Press with your arms and push yourself back up. Repeat 10-15 times.

Lose flabby arms - Dips

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