Fight Arm Flab with Food

For people having flabby arms, summer happens to be a dreadful time. They cannot wear sleeveless shirts, tops or dresses. Too conscious of the jiggly arms, they end up keeping it covered with shrugs or simply avoid buying no-sleeve clothing.

You have a right to enjoy summers too and as far as those flabby arms are concerned. We can get rid of them. It is possible. But yes you shall need to make a bit effort. Reduce your overall fat intake and try to at least experiment with an easy exercise too.

 And if you cannot get into exercise and workouts, we can fight off this excess fat with food. Yes, there are foods that can help you in reducing arm-fat. But first you need to know how the food intake works. First, you shall have to trick your hunger while at the same time increasing the intake of nutrients that go to your active tissues rather than fat tissues.  Doing this allows your body to stay informed that it is getting all the necessary nutrients without having to eat more.

Second tip, avoid staying hungry for long time periods. No matter how hearty is your meal, when three hours have gone by the body starts to digest its own tissues for survival.  The reason this happens is that our body does not have the good mechanism of storing proteins and carbs after the time period of three hours.  So, if you tend to consume controlled quantities of food after every three hours, you will not only feel fuller taking less food but you also avoid blood sugar and own tissue digestion.

Here are the foods that help you in fighting flabby arms and reducing arm fat:

  • Green Tea: There are numerous benefits of green tea both for health and beauty. It is the best beverage to boost your metabolism level along with burning fats of the body especially in the belly and arms. You could take three cups of organic green tea daily it shall also help you in losing weight.


  • Dark Chocolate: New studies reveal that small piece of dark chocolate not only helps in heart conditions but keeps away cancer too. Dark chocolate is great for boosting metabolism. It keeps you feeling fuller and keeps you from consuming more calories.


  • Soups: Soups are healthy and taste great too. Chicken soup is especially great. Eating soups/broths before meals keeps you from eating too much during meals. It also reduces your calorie intake by 30%.


  • Avocados: Avocados are highly nutritious fruits with numerous health benefits and one of the super foods. Some people avoid eating it as it contains calories but the thing is that, the type of calories contained in avocados is essential for muscle growth and really healthy. Avocados enhance the metabolism and switch off the hormones that store body fats.


  • Capsicums: Green veggies are full of antioxidants. Capsicums burns any fats present in the body while improving metabolism. Eating a capsicum a day shall start bringing changes you can notice within two weeks.


Try these foods and let us know in the comments below did they work for you.



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