Arm Exercises for Flabby Arms

During this age of technology it is very difficult for us to keep our body slim and healthy. Today’s generation is all about the easy way out.  With dishwashers replacing human hands, washing machines replacing hand washing, vacuum cleaners aiding manual work. With all these technologies we are becoming lazier by the day. This laziness often leads to health and weight problems including flabby arms.

Today, everyone is busy in making money, using social apps and mobile games etc. With all that business, it is really tough for us to get enough time to join a gym.

 Thankfully, to achieve sexy toned arms you don’t need to go to the gym. Here are some best arm exercises that will help you tone your arm muscles and get them in proper shape to be perfect for sleeveless dress. These exercises are at your hands. You can do these exercises anywhere and anytime. Whenever you get spare time in home or at work, go for these exercises.

  1. Arm circles

This easy arm exercise targets your biceps triceps and shoulders. To perform this exercise, fallow the fallowing steps.

  • While standing straight with your feet flat, extended your arms out to the sides at a right angle to your body and start moving your arms in small circles forward and backward for twenty times turn by turn.
  • Now take a break of two minutes and repeat this two times more.
  • If you want to do this while sitting, make sure your back is straight and your feet are flat on the ground.

This exercise strengthens your shoulders, upper arms and neck muscles by giving them a thorough workout and toning session.

  1. Triceps dip:
  • While sitting on your chair, stretch your legs out in front of you after griping the edges of the seat with your hands firmly.
  • Move your body forward in such a way that your arms are bending behind you and your body is stretched above the ground.
  • Now slowly lower and raise your body using your triceps.
  • Do 3 sets of fifteen each or as more as you can do easily.

This exercise will give your triceps a really tough job and make them muscular and toned.

Firm up flabby arms

  1. The Wave Goodbye
  • Raise your arms straight upward at your sides and start waving your hands (not your arm) just like the goodbye sign. Only move your hands keeping your arms still.
  • Wave your hands speedily about hundred times per minute. Do 3 sets of 100 waves each daily and increase the turns gradually.

This exercise creates a twisting motion in your arms, right from the wrists to the shoulders.  In this way, you are able to stretch all your arm muscles and tone your entire arm.

  1. Inverted row 

This exercise specifically targets your biceps. You can do this exercise on breaks in your office while at work.

  • For this workout, you just have to lay flat on the ground and grab something firmly which is within your reach. I recommend lying under a sturdy chair or coffee table and grip the edges of the chair or table.
  • Now pull your upper body up, hold for a few seconds and slowly lower your body back down.
  • Do fifteen counts or as many as you can, then it repeat twice.

After a few counts, you will feel your biceps tight and muscular and toned within few days.

  1. The Prayer Pose:
  • While standing straight with your flat feet on the ground, join your hands together in a praying pose wright above your head.
  • Now bring your joined hands down to the front of your chest slowly and raise your joined hands again in the first position.
  • Repeat this up down movements for 30 repetitions or as many as you can.
  • Do three sets of this exercise daily.

In this exercise, our triceps and biceps are targeted. When you move your joint hands up and down, your triceps and biceps got workout. In this way, you tone up our upper arm with each repetition.

  1. Push-up

In addition to a stronger core, push-ups are great way to give shape and to build strength in your upper-arm.

  • To do this exercise. Place our hands at your shoulder width apart on the round and keep your feet together on the ground with your toes pointed. Your entire body should run parallel to the ground. Make sure your hips and back are flat and your body is aligned properly.
  • Now lower down your body slowly upto an inch close to the ground. Make sure your alignment is maintained during this movement.
  • In this way push your body up and down slowly for 15 repetition and complete 3 sets of it.

If you are beginner, you may get support by keeping your knees down on the ground until you get enough strength to perform a full fledged push-up.

Workout for flabby arms

  1. Arm Stretches
  • For this exercise, just raise both of your hands above your head and hold your left wrist with your right hand and your right wrist with your left hand.
  • Now with your left hand, pull your right hand towards your left such that your right elbow falls just behind your head.
  • Release the pull and bring arms back to your center. Now do the same stretch on other side of your body.
  • Repeat this motion for at least three sets of fifteen repetitions each.

This exercise targets your triceps. This is very useful exercise for those who have loose hanging fat on their triceps.

Exercises for flabby arms

  1. Pull-ups

Pull-ups are very beneficial for your upper body. They can strengthen the muscles in your shoulders, chest, arms and sides of your back. However, you may find it somewhat difficult and may need a partner to assist you since pull-ups involve lifting your total body weight.

  • To perform pull-ups, place your hands on a horizontal bar and grip it firmly.
  • Now, lift your body with your chin upto the bar level.
  • Then ease your body back down slowly.
  • Do the repetitions as many as you can in three sets

Lose flabby arms

  1. Downward Dog

Downward Dog is a sun salutation pose (in yoga) that can help you in toning your arms.

  • For this pose, turn your body in a reverse V-shape with your hands flat on the floor and your heels pressed down or close to the floor.
  • Your spine will follow a straight line (with your hips pressed back) toward the ground. To keep your body in the V-shape, you may need to bend your knees.
  • Now push your weight back toward your heels with the help of your arms but make sure you are not rounding your back. You can give yourself more challenge by lowering your elbows to the ground and holding the v shape position.

10. Plank

Plank Pose is another Salutation pose in yoga. You can perform Plank Pose and its some challenging variations to tone your flabby arms.

  • For this pose, you need to position your body horizontal to the ground, and remain in this position for at least thirty seconds to work your arms.
  • But make sure your back is in a straight line and your wrists are directly under your shoulders.

To take more challenge, clasp your hands together, and lower your elbows to the ground.

 11. Handstands and Headstands

Headstands and Handstands are not just balancing as they also require a huge arm strength enough to keep your body in proper alignment.

If you are a beginner, you can take support of a wall until get enough strength to perform the positions without support.

  • To get body in Headstand position, bend down in front of a wall and grip your hands together with your elbows shoulder width apart.
  • Position your head in between your elbows.
  • Now lift your legs up against the wall one after the other.
  • Keep your neck straight and only top of your head should touch the floor.

Similarly for Handstands, place your hands on the floor just like the Headstand position. When you lift your legs to the wall try to keep your gaze on the floor. Now straighten your elbows by using your arm strength.

To get out of a Headstand or Handstand, take your legs down slowly one after the other.

Achieving toned arm muscles

To achieve toned and well-shaped arms with simple home exercises (without using weights) you just need commitment and regularity. You can get rid of your flabby arms in just few weeks by doing these simple exercises at 3 to 4 times per week and taking a healthy diet.

By: Dee


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