Getting Rid of Flabby Arms - 2

When learning how to lose arm fat, the first thing that you should do is to have knowledge of how the five top muscles in your arms work. There are no shortcuts to success. You need to understand these muscles before going ahead to start your exercise routine.

Now you are probably considering the distinct type of arms. The good news is that you will never develop such arms. Here are some of the reasons why you can’t have such muscles.

 The female body is developed in a way that does not have enough muscle building hormones (testosterone) to produce big and intimidating arms. Remember, the male endocrine system produces up to 60 times more testosterone than the female endocrine system. This enormous difference will prevent your arms from getting big like that of the men.

 So keep an open mind to learn how to lose arm fat! And ignore the pictures you see of women bodybuilders and professionals. They inject anabolic (growth hormones) into their bodies and train excessively.

 Do not be afraid to pick up a weight just because you feel you’ll end looking like a man. It has been observed that many women shun weight loss training for this same reason. So here are top five things to consider when learning how to lose arm fat: 

  1. Triceps muscles in your arms. Triceps (meaning three) consists of three major muscles and represents sixty percent of your arm mass. To effectively work on all the triceps muscles, you must isolate the long, medial and lateral head. A good exercise for the lateral head is press down. 
  1. Biceps muscles in your arms. Biceps (meaning two) consists of two large muscles and represents forty percent of your arm mass. To work on all the bicep muscles, you must isolate the long and short head. A good exercise for the long head is inclined dumbbell curls on a bench. 
  1. Avoid counting calories. Counting calories and depriving yourself of quality calories can me you feel bad about yourself. Once you dismiss the idea of counting calories, all the arm fat will come back. Focus on the quality of what you eat, not quantity. 
  1. What you eat. You don’t have to worry about the kind of diet you should follow, just make sure that every meal is a source of protein, carbohydrates, fats and vegetables. Do this and your body will take care of the rest. You see, learning how to lose arm fat is easy! 
  1. Hydration. In general, seventy-five percent of your arm mass consist of water, and the other twenty-five percent is muscle. If you want to understand how to lose arm fat, then you should focus on hydration, or you miss out on 75% of the equation. Drink purified water or distilled water every day. 

While it can be like walking through a minefield for all savvy marketers out there, learning how to reduce flabby arms is not difficult. If you focus on the five key points that I've described, you'll be on the fast track to getting rid of your flabby arms for good! 

By: Dee



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