Getting Rid of Flabby Arms

There are many people who feel uncomfortable in wearing the shirts without sleeves and the main issue is their flabby arms which is the cause of embarrassment. But there is no need to take stress as there are a few things which can assist in getting rid of the flabby arms. There are two major reasons of flabby arms; one is the body fat for which the exercise is best. Exercise helps in removing the fats from the body and it solves the issue of flabby arms. The other major reason is the old age and there is no anything which can be done.

The issue of flabby arm is faced by females as compared to males because they store more fat in their upper arms, but everyone can get rid of the flabby arms by controlling the diet and managing time for exercise daily. Given below are some tips which can help in solving the problem of flabby arms:

  • A person if manages time for the moderate cardiovascular exercise every day can get rid of the flabby arms, the total time that should be spent on the exercise is 150 to 300 minutes per week. Keeping an eye on the calorie intake is mandatory otherwise the exercise cannot help in reducing the weight. So, it is better to follow a diet chart as it will assist in shedding pounds fast and getting the arms shaped also.
  • Lifting weights is another great method of toning the arms; one can also use resistance bands to target the muscles of the arms. One should not lift weights on the days on which he/she does cardiovascular exercise and one should never lift the weight more than the body can handle because the person can get severe injury.
  • There are a few exercises that target the arm muscles and those are best to tone them, aerobic exercise also assists in decreasing the fats accumulated in the arms.
  • Triangle pushups are best to target the muscles of arms and they work great when a person makes a regular routine of performing pushups.
  • For reducing the weight fast, one should consume almost 10 glasses of water every day because it gives a feel that the stomach is full and the person eats less. Staying hydrated is not just great for the human body, but it also helps the body in functioning properly.
  • Jogging for half an hour and running in a daily routine is also an outstanding method of losing weight and getting the arms in shape.
  • One important thing should be kept in mind that a person should never make extreme modifications to the diet because it can negatively affect the body. An individual should always consult a doctor prior to begin following a diet plan if he/she wants great result. The timing of the exercise should be increased slowing and one should track the progress.

Add exercise in the daily routine and get rid of the flabby arms to avoid embarrassment.

By: Dee



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